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A person with blindness can easily detect obstacles on ground, surface textures, pot holes etc. while travelling with a standard white cane. However, white cane cannot detect overhanging objects like tree branches, sign boards, open glass windows, etc. Also, at times using a white cane could result in scratching a parked vehicle with a cane, bumping into another person, etc.

A SmartCane solves the above challenges and empowers visually impaired through independent and safe mobility. Here's how a SmartCane works -

  • An electronic travel aid which fits on top fold of the white cane
  • Enhances white cane's capability by detecting objects from knee to head height in front of a person
  • Uses ultrasonic ranging to detect obstacles, and conveys distance information to the end users through distinct vibratory patterns
  • Helps users to avoid collisions with over-hanging and protruding objects, such as tree branches, signboards, underside of parked vehicles, open glass windows, thereby enabling them to navigate in different social settings with safety and confidence.
  • Informs about presence of objects before actually touching the object with the cane and thus helps in preventing unwanted contact
Elegant Design
image showing smartcane device
Adjustable sensor mechanism
Protects users of different heights
image showing the sensor box of the device
Ergonomic grip
Gripping style need not be changed
image showing a hand holding the device
Two modes of obstacle detection
Intuitive vibratory patterns to convey obstacle distance information
User Centric Approach
Also called as 'people's Device'
Fits Easily on white Cane
Fits on the top fold of any SmartCane compatible cane
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20000+ SmartCane
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Part of ADIP Scheme of MSJE, Govt. of India