PDF to ePub converter

About: Project focuses on analysis and recognition of the PDF documents containing textual content like paragraphs, list items, various heading levels, header, and footer, and non-textual content like tables, mathematics, and diagrams, which are most common scenario in STEM ebooks. Further, this analysis will be used to generate corresponding fully-accessible ePub files.

Students: Ranga Surendra and U V Mukesh Kumar (BTP 2019), Pratibha (MTP 2019), Chrystle Myrna Lobo (MiniP 2018), Mickle Gill (BTP 2018), Abhilash Ramteke (COP315 2018)

eBook Navigator through Voice Commands

About: The large number of gestures and key-strokes puts a high learning curve for the beginners. It's alternate can be supplemented through voice commands. This project focuses on navigating various elements of an eBook through voice commands.

Students: Shradha Holani (MTP 2019)
Source Code

ePub to PEF converter

About: This project is focused on development of a converter which can convert an ePub file into PEF (Portable Embosser Format), which can be directly passed to any braille embosser

Students: Prem Ranjan and Anoop Kumar (BTP, 2017)

Table navigation on Android

About: Project helped to enhance tables (Standard and Non-Standard) accessibility with screen reader like Google TalkBack on Android platform. It focused on table navigation in electronic documents for improving navigation (moving up, down, left and right) using touch based gestures, which would greatly ease the navigation for the visually impaired.

Students: Nikhil Pratap and Nanavath Bharath (BTP, 2017)